Photo Book Day 2015!!! Yes, it's a real thing.

So yesterday was Photo Book Day. Yes, apparently it's a real thing. :-) I'd love to promote some of my favorite photo books. You could kinda call me a photo bookoholic. Here goes....

Self & Others - Aline Smithson  page, after page, after page of beauty and you can tell a wicked sense of humor. Anyone with a great sense of humor, I'm a fan. and Aline is amazing, so do yourself a favor and just buy the book. She also has a great print deal going on right now. you can go HERE to view and purchase. the blue and golden colors of the print are to die for and all for an easily affordable $107. it's kind of a given that it should be purchased. i suspect it will be sold out very soon, so i suggest acting quickly.

 Charth Vader - Ashly Stohl  what can I say about this one except it's AWESOME! i was immediately taken with Charth as soon as I saw the first image of him.  quirky and beautiful, black and white, little boy in a Darth Vader mask......... pretty obvious choice for me.

The Moth Wing Diaries - Lori Vrba so beautiful and dreamy. Lori is such an innovative talent and an obvious nature ipso facto I love her.

Immediate Family - Sally Mann  this one is a no brainer. the holy grail of photo books.

The Photo Book - Phaidon  a great little book with 500 different images from over 150 years. fantastic!

The Sixth Sense - Tytia Habing & Kristianne Koch Riddle (obviously I had to add my own...) A collaboration with my dear friend Kristianne about our two very different boys....but also very alike. If you haven't seen Kristianne's work you're missing out. Go take a look HERE. She's one of my favorite photographers and favorite people too.

Wild & Precious - Jesse Burke  not pictured but on order. there's also a short movie and he even offers Wild & Precious apparel. and I don't want to brag or anything, but I'll also be the proud owner of one of his prints very soon. he's a genuinely good guy spreading such an important message. His solo exhibit of Wild & Precious opens TODAY at Clampart.

Notes and Rests - Maryanne Gobble also not pictured, but only because I couldn't find it in my labyrinth of stacked papers, magazines and books. don't worry Maryanne, it's around....just hiding. this book is sold out, but it must be included. Maryanne is a talent and should be recognized as such and she's a lovely person to boot and someone I call friend. :-) You may not be able to buy her book now but she sells prints HERE. I have one and it's beautiful! Hear me now, one day I'm going to be able to say this about Maryanne when she becomes very famous, "I KNOW her! I KNOW her!" And hopefully she will still talk to me. Take a look at her portfolio and tell me I'm wrong.