A Teachable Moment

My son is to the age where his tastes are getting much more expensive. He now wants Xbox games, Iphones, Ipads, RC cars etc. We've tried to impress upon him that 'money doesn't grow on trees' but it doesn't seem to be sinking in the way we'd like. Because of this we've decided to put him to work to make his own money. He's been picking up sticks and mowing some lawns to make a little extra cash and we're also going to be having a garage sale in the next month. He'll be helping with the sale and will get part of the proceeds. 

Since he's been one of my main subjects of photography since the day he was born, I decided  to run a print sale with him as well. He will receive the profits of the sale after all the supplies are paid for. He picked out five prints that he likes and thinks people would enjoy displaying on their wall. He's in three of the images. He will help me print, package, label and ship them, and if he's in the image, he'll sign the back along with me. He will also be sending you a thank you note for your purchase. He will be hands on with me, throughout this whole process.

If you've ever wanted to have a print of mine, please take advantage of this sale. I've kept the price low, so we're hoping to get lots of orders. :-) The print sale will run until Monday, June 4th. We'll ship them all out within two weeks.



• A 6x9 image of your choice, printed on 8.5x11 Epson Hot Press Natural Paper, signed en verso by me and also by Tharin if he's in the image.
• A thank you note from Tharin.
• All of this for $25 plus tax and shipping. 


The images he thought you may like....

RC Car Extraordinaire

~~~ What he hopes to buy with his profits! ~~~

This is what he would like to purchase with the money he makes from his various jobs this summer. We hope to raise a total of $400 so he can buy the RC car, accessories, and pay sales tax and shipping. I'm all for this purchase even though it's pricey. He loves RC cars and it keeps him outside and not glued to a screen. He already has around $60, so he's on his way! 

Thanks so much!!
Tytia and Tharin