2015 in a Nutshell

I have to admit, 2015 was a great year for me! Lots of exciting things happened and I made some great headway in my goal to make my living as a fine art photographer. I thank each and every one of you that has helped me along the way, and there are many of you. Thank you, thank you! I especially want to thank the photographic community. You're all a wonderfully supportive group of people. There are several of you that have been instrumental in helping me forward. You know who you are.....

A few places I was published this year....Featureshoot, Float Magazine, Streit House Space, The Sun (I got the cover!!! AND a spread,) The Long Way Home, The Hand, Shots (twice!,) Fraction Magazine, Feature Shoot, National Geographic, Orion Magazine, Ticka Arts, F-Stop Magazine, Phosmag and Black + White Magazine (The cover!!! Yes, I get excited about covers. They're rare for me.) Well, technically the last was in 2016, but it was out at the end of December, so I'm including it. :-)

Black + White Cover, Him, 2015

Black + White Cover, Him, 2015

I was also in a few group shows. Field Study at the David Weinberg Gallery in Chicago, the 28th Annual Member's Only Show at the Texas Photographic Society and The Shrode Photography Exhibition in Mt. Vernon Illinois, which I won Best in Show with my image Wishing Weeds. I also had three solo shows. The first at Joe Sippers in downtown Effingham, another at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa and the last at The Effingham Public Library.

Best in Show, Shrode Photography Exhibition, Wishing Weeds, 2014

Best in Show, Shrode Photography Exhibition, Wishing Weeds, 2014

A few accolades I received this year....100 Photographers to Watch in 2015, Shortlisted for Black and White Photographer of the Year and Critical Mass 2015 (for This is Boy.)

Something I've long wanted to do, was to attend a photo fest. This was my year. I attended Filter Photo Fest in Chicago. Not only did I take some wonderfully helpful classes, by awesome instructors, I met so many friends that I had previously only known through social media. It's great to be able to put a real face to the profile picture! I swear I learned more in those two days than I had on my own in the last two years. I'll definitely be going to more this coming year. I just have to decide which ones! Because of Filter, I was curated into a wonderful show called Time In: Refocusing the Lens of Motherhood. It will open soon in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I sent a portfolio of images, by request, to an outstanding gallery in New York too! I'm still waiting to hear back from them, but either way, I'm just thrilled to even be asked by such a gallery.  So yes, I'm looking for gallery representation. ;-)

I'm greatly looking forward to 2016 and anticipating what lies ahead. It's a dream come true to be able to do what I love on a daily basis. It's not always easy, and I'm sure all you other photographers will attest to this, but the joy it brings greatly outweighs everything else.

A few of my favorite images of the year...

Time In: Refocusing the Lens on Motherhood

Time In: Refocusing the Lens on Motherhood

I'm very pleased to be included in an exhibit coming up in the new year. The exhibition will run from January 19 to February 21, 2016 at the Elder Gallery on the campus of Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska.

It's very exciting to me because it's a milestone in my career. It's the first time I've been curated into a special exhibition without submitting first!! And I met the curator at Filter Photo Festival, so get yourself to a photo festival and get reviewed photographers. Eight of my pieces will be included, and I have to say, the ten other women in the show....I'm in awe of, and I've been in awe of several of them for quite some time. Needless to say, I'm thrilled!

Photo Book Day 2015!!! Yes, it's a real thing.

So yesterday was Photo Book Day. Yes, apparently it's a real thing. :-) I'd love to promote some of my favorite photo books. You could kinda call me a photo bookoholic. Here goes....

Self & Others - Aline Smithson  page, after page, after page of beauty and you can tell a wicked sense of humor. Anyone with a great sense of humor, I'm a fan. and Aline is amazing, so do yourself a favor and just buy the book. She also has a great print deal going on right now. you can go HERE to view and purchase. the blue and golden colors of the print are to die for and all for an easily affordable $107. it's kind of a given that it should be purchased. i suspect it will be sold out very soon, so i suggest acting quickly.

 Charth Vader - Ashly Stohl  what can I say about this one except it's AWESOME! i was immediately taken with Charth as soon as I saw the first image of him.  quirky and beautiful, black and white, little boy in a Darth Vader mask......... pretty obvious choice for me.

The Moth Wing Diaries - Lori Vrba so beautiful and dreamy. Lori is such an innovative talent and an obvious nature lover....so ipso facto I love her.

Immediate Family - Sally Mann  this one is a no brainer. the holy grail of photo books.

The Photo Book - Phaidon  a great little book with 500 different images from over 150 years. fantastic!

The Sixth Sense - Tytia Habing & Kristianne Koch Riddle (obviously I had to add my own...) A collaboration with my dear friend Kristianne about our two very different boys....but also very alike. If you haven't seen Kristianne's work you're missing out. Go take a look HERE. She's one of my favorite photographers and favorite people too.

Wild & Precious - Jesse Burke  not pictured but on order. there's also a short movie and he even offers Wild & Precious apparel. and I don't want to brag or anything, but I'll also be the proud owner of one of his prints very soon. he's a genuinely good guy spreading such an important message. His solo exhibit of Wild & Precious opens TODAY at Clampart.

Notes and Rests - Maryanne Gobble also not pictured, but only because I couldn't find it in my labyrinth of stacked papers, magazines and books. don't worry Maryanne, it's around....just hiding. this book is sold out, but it must be included. Maryanne is a talent and should be recognized as such and she's a lovely person to boot and someone I call friend. :-) You may not be able to buy her book now but she sells prints HERE. I have one and it's beautiful! Hear me now, one day I'm going to be able to say this about Maryanne when she becomes very famous, "I KNOW her! I KNOW her!" And hopefully she will still talk to me. Take a look at her portfolio and tell me I'm wrong. 


Black & White Photographer of the Year 2015 sponsored by Leica

I'm utterly thrilled and astonished to be shortlisted for B&W Photographer of the Year!!!! While I can't post the images I submitted, I can say that I submitted portraits. Fingers crossed. :-)

The images posted below are examples of my portrait work, not the ones I submitted.

Filter Photo Fest

I recently attended Filter Photo Festival and wow, what an experience it was. It was my first time reviewing with gallerists and curators, taking workshops and attending lectures. It was also the first time I've been able to go to a gallery show to view one of my photos actually hanging on a wall instead of virtually. I met tons of photographers I've admired from afar for literally years. It was an exciting week! One of my reviewers was Paula Tognarelli and Elin Spring was reviewing along side her. Today, Elin posted an article on her photography blog highlighting artists she felt strongly about. Low and behold, she discussed my work, This is Boy! And not only that, but two photographers I've followed for years, dying over each and every image I see of theirs, are included as well. To say I'm thrilled to be mentioned in an article with Kathryn Oliver and Heather Evans Smith Photography is a gross understatement. If you have a moment, check out Elin's article about Filter. She's a very talented writer and there's beautiful photography to see.

Feel free to go to these websites and see more!

Chicken of the Sea ~ 2014

Chicken of the Sea ~ 2014

Update on the Happenings in my Neck of the Woods

So far, 2015 has been a great year for me! I'd like to thank all my supporters for the love and encouragement you endlessly show me. It means a great deal to me and spurs me on to continue creating and sharing. I've received so many lovely emails and messages of encouragement from friends and strangers alike. It's such a wonderful thing.

The biggest news I have to share is I made it into the Top 200 of Critical Mass!!!! I know right!? I don't believe it myself to be honest. I'm not even kidding you when I say I probably read the congratulations email over about six or seven times, smiling each time.....for real. That's how excited I am about it. If I actually manage to advance further, I'm not sure what I'll do! 

Clover - One of the images submitted to Critical Mass

Clover - One of the images submitted to Critical Mass

I have my first official solo show coming up in November (Nov 7th-Dec. 11th) at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa. All my prints are ordered and on their way to me. A great big thank you to Panopticon Imaging for your awesomeness! 

A few more exciting things...

- This is Boy highlighted on Float Magazine
- Accepted into Streit House Space for the Only Human exhibition
- Cover and spread in The Sun Magazine
- A feature in  The Long Way Home 
- Included into SHOTS Magazine Autumn edition
- Accepted into the Field Study exhibition at the David Weinberg Gallery in Chicago
- I recently sold a large number of my fine art prints to a private collector and have been approached by several others interested in them. I think it's high time I try and find gallery representation, so if anyone knows how to go about trying to do that....I'm all ears. I try to navigate things the best I can as they come, but it's a learning process, let me tell you.
- Speaking of learning, tomorrow I leave for Chicago to attend The Filter Photo Festival for five days! This is my first festival and review process, so wish me luck. :-) I'm very much looking forward to it.

If you're interested in purchasing prints, I sell them right here on my page. In a couple weeks, I'll be adding larger print editions to what I'm already offering.

As always feel free to drop me a line at tytiah@me.com,  or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram



Joe Sippers

My photographs will be on display at Joe Sipper's in Effingham, Illinois until the end of March.  Hope you can make it in!

Picking Favorites

I get asked quite often which photo of my son is my favorite. It's like asking which child I love the most, if I had more than one child of course. It's hard for me to pick a favorite. I love each and every one, because each and every one is of him. But if I absolutely had to pick one, it would be Rhubarb. I love the black and white tones of the image. The rhubarb, the bottom of his jacket and his peeking little face practically glow. While I love all of that, the main reason I love it is because it could be an image of me as a child, or my mom, or my grandma, or even my great grandma. We've all had rhubarb in our gardens.  I can remember helping my mom pick rhubarb when I was little, so I guess it boils down to nostalgia.

Rhubarb, 2012, Watson, Illinois, My son helping his grandma collect the rhubarb to make a pie.  He's standing in front of my dads barn, with my mom's Knock Out Rose and Fig Tree behind him.  Boy do him and I eat those figs up!

Rhubarb, 2012, Watson, Illinois,
My son helping his grandma collect the rhubarb to make a pie.  He's standing in front of my dads barn, with my mom's Knock Out Rose and Fig Tree behind him.  Boy do him and I eat those figs up!

A Word on Collecting Photographs

I don't know about you, but art makes me happy.  It makes me think. I love all kinds of art and have collected different kinds for many years. Unfortunately, I experienced a fire five years ago and lost a lot of treasured pieces, but in the last year or so, I've happily begun collecting again. I've mostly been concentrating on photographs as you can imagine and finally got around to hanging four new images.

Collecting art is not for the wealthy only.  I can attest to that! There are a plethora of artists out there that sell reasonably priced pieces.

Here are just a few places to find amazing (and affordable) photographs:

Don't Take Pictures 
Fraction Editions
Lightwork Shop

Another way is to contact emerging photographers whose work you admire. Many don't have gallery representation yet but would love to sell you a piece.

Something I'm doing with a group of photographers right now is an image trade.  Each month, we pair up with a different photographer and pick an image from each other. It's fun, inexpensive and I get lots of new artwork. Win, win, win.

Framing can be expensive.  It can cost more than the price of the image you've purchased! Typically, I find my own frame.  There are inexpensive frames everywhere, but my favorite is Goodwill.  I've gotten amazing frames from there for two or three dollars. After I have the size of the frame measured, I have a professional mat my images.  I could do it myself since I have the mat cutter and all that jazz, but I'm not the best at it so I'm going to leave it to someone who knows what they're doing. Matting can be anywhere from eleven dollars to thirty dollars where I live and it's worth every penny in my humble opinion. After that, I pop it into the frame and hang. Perfectly simple.  

Thank you so much to each and every photographer that I've gotten a piece from. Your images gracing my walls make me very, very happy.

Toxostoma Rufum 2   Cheri Ami    Emma Kisiel

Toxostoma Rufum 2   Cheri Ami    Emma Kisiel

be still they will rise   Home by Nightfall   Angela Bacon-Kidwell

be still they will rise   Home by Nightfall   Angela Bacon-Kidwell

Las Estrellas   Nocturnes   Josephine Sacabo

Las Estrellas   Nocturnes   Josephine Sacabo

Collide   The Heart and the Heavy   Heather Evans Smith

Collide   The Heart and the Heavy   Heather Evans Smith

Muybridge's Horse

Elated to be featured on a blog I absolutely love.

You can see the lovely writeup Emma Kisiel did on Muybridge's Horse HERE


My image He Didn't Make It will be exhibited at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas in November, so if you're in the area, stop by!


Exhibition Details

Gallery | A Smith Gallery
Juror | Anne Berry
Exhibition dates | November 7 to December 28, 2014
Reception | November 29 and December 27, 2014


Featured on my all time favorite photography blog today!

I religiously visit LENSCRATCH every day.  It's a great place to find amazing, new and established photographers and I'm pinching myself to be among them for a day.

You can read the article HERE

Brand Spankin' New

A BIG, BIG thank you to Feature Shoot and Squarespace for this wonderful gift I've received.  A free lifetime website!!!!! If you're a photographer and need a new website, you can't go wrong with Squarespace.  It's amazingly user friendly.

And because a blog post is pretty boring without a few images, here are a few I quite like but they didn't make it into any projects.