August 21, 2017

From a young age I've been interested in all types of science, from biology and botany, to astronomy, physics and chemistry. When I realized we were nearly in the path of totality for the eclipse, you can imagine my excitement, and of course I immediately determined I had to document it. We were to have 98% totality in Illinois where I live and although it was predicted to be cloudy, the clouds stayed at bay until the eclipse was over. We could have driven an hour south to be in totality, but we decided to relax around the pool and make a day of it. My son stayed home from school, we got a lot of drinks and snacks together, we brought out the welding helmet and a few extra welding glass inserts, we put on our swimsuits and we waited. Even though we didn't experience totality, it was an amazing celestial event. The dimness, the otherworldly shadows, the unsettling silence of the earth when the sun disappeared, only to hear the night sounds of insects briefly, was all so incredible. At the time, I thought it was a once in a lifetime event to experience, but much to my dismay, there's another one in seven short years on April 8, 2024. Strangely enough, we happen to be even closer to the path of totality the next time around!