I’ve often wondered where my love and near obsession with the sky, clouds, space and general otherworldliness comes from. The one thing my mind immediately goes to when I think about this, is a large religious print my great grandmother had hanging above her sofa. It was of three beautiful cherubs descending from heaven. The sky was full of dramatic clouds, light and color and everything about it was breathtakingly beautiful. As a child, I wondered if that was truly what heaven was like. Although I was raised Catholic, even going to a private Catholic school, most of what I was taught never took. I’m naturally inclined to need proof of things, scientific proof, so organized religion and me never meshed. Nature and me is another story. I see it’s beauty with my own eyes. I can feel the calm it brings me within my soul. Yes, I believe we all have souls. Life is oh so contradictory isn’t it? I believe there is something more to us, I’m just not sure exactly what that is yet, but I’m convinced science is going to figure it out at some point in the near future. All I know at the moment, is how nature makes me feel, and it makes me feel whole, complete, and at one with it. So for now, my religion is nature until science proves something different. In the meantime, I hope these natural wonders of nature amaze you with their beauty and lift your soul like they do for me.